The new CQR Airsoft rifle was born through a unique collaboration between ASG, ICS and Hera Arms. Commissioned by ASG and built by ICS using a combination of custom made original parts supplied by Hera Arms, custom-built parts based on the original 3D CAD blueprints and ICS’s own battle proven mechanics. Using the CQR rifle-stock in combination with the CQR front grip and IRS custom rail creates a lightweight, compact and ergonomic airsoft rifle – suitable equally for close quarters as well as large-scale mil-sim. The innovative Hera Arms stock and front-grip will not only provide the operator with a fast handling rifle but its unique look will draw the attention and admiration of fellow Airsoft players.


  • Fully licensed joint partnership project rifle by ASG, ICS Airsoft, and HERA Arms
  • Split gearbox allows for easy access and quick adjustments
  • ICS' Self-Diagnosis Shooting System adds functionality and prevents damage to rifle
  • Detachable CFS flip-up front and rear sights are fully adjustable
  • Angled surface receiver gives rifle a unique look unlike others on the field
  • Multiple sling attachment points offers different carry styles


ICS Hera Arms CQR