The Raven ORE Series is built with high standards and specified to meet the demands of advanced players. The rifles consist of durable full metal body and high performance parts. Choose from the wide selection of models to suit your needs! 

Each rifle is equipped with our LEVIN metal gearbox that is precisely made and equipped with high-quality internals to ensure durability. Each gearbox is equipped with Xcortech MOSFET, 16 gauge silver-coated wiring, high torque motor, full metal teeth piston, 8mm metal bearings, and true quick spring change system, etc.

The HIVE offers a slim and lightweight design that is based on the honeycomb pattern which is known for its strong structure.  In addition to the top 20mm rail that runs the entire length of the forend, M-LOK rail systems are provided along the sides and bottom to provide additional accessory mounting points.  Three lengths (12", 10" and 7") are available for this versatile platform.