Internals - Features and Benefits

  • Quick Change Spring System. The Avalon series features a quick change spring system, allowing the user to change out their velocity spring to meet different field velocity requirements without taking the gearbox completely apart. For a player going between outdoor and indoor fields with different velocity rules, this is a very convenient feature.
  • Ball Bearing Spring Guide. Incorporated into the Quick change spring system is a ball bearing spring guide. This improves the consistency of the guns velocity from shot to shot which provides a tighter grouping.
  • Reinforced Piston and CNC Machined Piston Head. The stock piston in the Avalon utilizes a half steel rack of teeth, and the cylinder head is a CNC machined unit made of metal. Both of these upgrades provide higher long term reliability to the gun.
  • Ball Bearing Bushings. The Avalon series utilize a ball bearing system instead of a basic bushing option. This will provide better performance and increase long term reliability.
  • Competition Vertical Trigger. The Avalon comes with an upgraded trigger compared to standard M4 models.


Externals – Features and Benefits

  • Full Metal Externals. The Avalon series feature a full metal set of externals, providing a more solid and accurate feel to the rifle.
  • Ambidextrous Selector Switch. The Avalon comes equipped with an ambidextrous selector switch allowing left handed users to adjust firing modes without any inconvenience.
  • QRS Stock. The QRS stock features a pivot-locked butt plate, which allows for easy battery compartment access. 
  • M-Lok Front End. The Saber comes equipped with a M-Lok front end. Just as compact as a keymod system but even more lightweight, the M-Lok reduces front end weight aggressively. 

VFC Avalon Saber CQB Tan AEG